we're flexible out here in Bend.

Picture Bend.  Pine trees, high desert, blue skies.  New buildings, road bikes, Old Mill.  Gloves, snow pants, ski racks.  4 wheel drive, birkenstock, yoga.  

Life can be overwhelming.  Take a day, responsibly, without ignoring obligations, and get away.  Drive to the next city over.  Pray for renewal and clarity.  Breathe in rhythm.  Buy a special coffee without guilt.  

We have been enjoying Bend's many luxuries - cross country skiing, hiking, hot yoga, dinners, Yumm! sauce, and of course, the view.  

Highly recommended:  Cafe Yumm!  Greg's Grill.  Tumalo Falls.  Namaspa Yoga and Massage.

"The world is yours and everything in it." 
As we drove East, I couldn't believe how big God's creation is.  He has perfected the earth.  What a glorious gift!  If this is so glorious, how much MORE glorious will it be when He comes back and we return to the world we were made for.  

We are blessed.
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